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Check key features of newest S2 fMRI system


We pay a great attention to design and funcionality of our products. The new fMRI Ergonomic Response Pad ensures optimal grip thanks its 4 buttons and wing shaped thumb rest suitable for both left and right handed use. Thanks to wireless technology freedom of movement is unhindered and extends possibilities of research scenarios.

Our pioneering solution of MR-safe wireless tranmission devices opens new possibilities in design of fMRI devices. As well as two models of multi button wireless response pads for examining paradigms based on finger taping we also deliver tailor made solutions to fit specific needs. No wires significantly improves patient comfort and allows easy installation and maintenance.

The S2 System is controlled by the user friendly S2 app that can be installed on PCs or tablets and is able to grow together with lab’s fMRI set. Multiple devices can be added to and controlled using the same application.

Precise experiment synchronization


Thanks to our new synchronization technology all events including any possible hardware transmission delays are reported seamlessly.

Wireless functional MR devices


Wireless MR-rated broadband allows us to offer various custom made devices as well as two models of wireless response pads (2 or 4 button versions).

User friendly S2 app


S2 app provides easy setup and monitoring of your fMRI results. Additionally it logs all events that can be easily exported and processed.

Compatibility with fMRI software


S2 System is compatible with all major fMRI software suites on market. We will check compatibility for applications on request.

Modular design


S2 was designed as modular and flexible system. Universal interfaces and wavebands give a wide range of possibilities for future development.

Tailor-made solutions.


Our experience producing MRI compatible electronics allows us to offer custom devices deigned to innovative researches.



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