fMRI MIDI Keyboard

MRI compatible Wireless solution

S2 MIDI is a wireless, fMRI peripheral device for S2 System. 25 Full size keys mechanism was designed analogically to that encountered in majority of MIDI keyboards available on the market and it is combined with dynamic sound articulation. Each event from the keyboard is timestamped by a hardware clock with 1ms accuracy. S2 MIDI Keyboard if free of any ferromagnetic elements, which makes it safe for use in MRI scanners environment.

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Wireless device increased comfort for patients and freedom of movements.

Ergonomic design enables sure and comfortable grip.

Optimal size adjusted for all known MRI scanners.

Reliable construction and MRI compatibility tested materials.

25 Keys with fMRI compatibile springs for real keyboard toutch stroke and force.

4 threaded holes at the bottom for different fixing possibilities.

Charging with USB power source inside or outside Faraday's cage.

4 indicator LED's for easy monitoring and maintenance of the device.

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